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Spool Quilt

Updated: May 19, 2021

This fun quilt is special to me because it was my first customer quilt!! :)  It was sent to me by Kathy A. and it was sew along she was did hosted by Pat Sloane I believe.  The spool of thread were so cute as each one had a different fabric as the "thread"  leftovers from various quilts she had made. It was a fairly large throw size quilt and her construction was excellent. It was a fun quilt to have as my first one!! We choose the E2E quilting pattern called Soho it just looks like threads "spooling" off all those Aurifil cones!
Spool Quilt

This quilt is very special to me...after several months of honing my skills and learning how to use my Gammill Statler Longarm it was my first real customer quilt!! What a fun way to begin this journey with a cute spool quilt that had meaning to me and to the customer that sent it. Kathy A. made this quilt during a sew along that was hosted by Pat Sloane. She created her master piece by using leftover fabrics for the "thread" from quilts she had previously made. I loved looking at all the different fabrics she used and tried to imagine who they were for...maybe the watermelon fabric was picnic blanket for a friend or that cute Snoopy fabric was for a beloved grandchild...

We choose the E2E pattern Soho which can be found at Urban Elementz. I really like the Soho quilting motif it has a gentle swirl with a modern flare and using pearl colored thread to melt into the background really lets the "spools shine". It has a fun "spooling" effect that looked like threads unwinding all over the quilt top. This was a fun happy quilt top and it just made me smile. Thanks for letting me put the finishing touches on your quilt top Kathy! :)

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