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Low Volume Quilts Yay or Nay??

I have always admired low volume quilts. They give a quiet calmness, feeling of serenity, of peaceful attitude. Do not get me wrong I love a bright bold quilt just as much!!

Fig Tree and Co. had a BOM called Sparkles and Cream - a low volume quilt, where I get fabrics and a pattern once a month and can make my very own quietude, serenity filled low volume quilt! I am IN! I don't have to spend time collecting fabrics, it will take one year to complete, no pressure, right???

I was able to keep up with making a few blocks a month, and they provided you with this color swatch page where you could put what fabric you was very satisfying for me to watch that get filled in each month. Every month you made some pieced block, some "twinkle" blocks and cut filler blocks.

So....even though I love low volume quilts...I was not that jazzed about some the fabrics or the fact that these were 5-inch blocks. Anyone who knows me - knows I appreciate small blocks; I just don't actively seek it out for myself. But I am committed, I am going to stick with it!!

Long story short.... the last months kit arrived - I finished all my blocks and then, there they sat on shelf, in their quiet-low-volume-solitude...... :) I wasn't sure I was "all in anymore" until.... I saw someone's finished Sparkles and Cream....WOW! was it pretty it gave me hope that mine could look that awesome. I wanted to add a border to mine as well, so while I waited for that fabric to come, I set about sewing my blocks together....

SO..... I LOVE THIS QUILT! I am so happy I saw that strangers finished quilt...I wish knew where to find you I owe you a big THANK YOU! I found a low volume 108" wide backing, used Winline 6oz Bamboo, chose Linen Glide thread from Hab n Dash and Diamond Loops Pantograph designed by Jess Zeigler of the Longarm League (

The following are pictures of my new favorite quilt...well this month anyway!!

Happy sewing,


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